Dr. Dahiya Utilizes da Vinci Surgical System

//Dr. Dahiya Utilizes da Vinci Surgical System

Dr. Dahiya Utilizes da Vinci Surgical System

With four articulating arms and 3-D vision, the new robotic technology that Tri-City Regional Medical Center surgeon Dr. Shyam Dahiya used to remove a patient’s gallbladder marked the first robotic surgery performed in the area, a groundbreaking procedure that brings the world’s most advanced surgical technology to the community setting.

Performing surgeries out of Tri-City Regional Medical Center, Dr. Shyam Dahiya is a leading surgeon with the da Vinci Surgical system for his patients.

Sitting at a console a few feet from the patient, Dr. Dahiya moves the articulating arms of the robot with his own hands, using the system’s 3-D imaging system to help him make pinpoint small incisions to remove the patient’s diseased gallbladder in just over an hour. The improved dexterity of the device allows Dr. Dahiya to see and expose the gallbladder as never before. The surgery was a complete success, and the patient went home in one day.

“Robotic-assisted surgery has virtually transformed the way we do many surgeries,” said Dr. Dahiya, a general and bariatric surgeon who also serves as the hospital’s Chief of Surgery. “This new unit will give us even more technology to help our patients and their surgical outcomes.

The da Vinci® is ideally suited for surgical procedures such as gallbladder surgery, colorectal surgery, hysterectomy, prostate surgery and many other highly intricate procedures in general surgery.

For more information about the use of the daVinci® Surgical System, please contact the offices of Dr. Shyam Dahiya at 562-602-1012.