Patient Gets New Scarless Procedure for Weight Loss

//Patient Gets New Scarless Procedure for Weight Loss

Patient Gets New Scarless Procedure for Weight Loss

Donna Jenkins will eat a lot less this Thanksgiving, thanks to a new procedure performed today for the first time in Los Angeles called the Apollo that will reduce the size of her stomach with out any incision.

Since then her “pouch” stretched in size and she began to gain weight again.

In this new procedure, surgeon Dr. Dahiya reduced the size of her stomach without any surgery or openings in her abdomen. All of the adjustments to her stomach were performed through her mouth. The procedure took about an hour and was performed at Tri-City Regional Medical Center in Hawaiian Gardens, a nationally recognized center of excellence in weight loss surgery.

“Many people who previously had weight loss surgery stretch their stomachs back to their near normal size so they begin to gain weight,” said Dr. Dahiya, a leading weight loss surgeon in the Southern California area.

“This procedure is scarless since we go through the mouth and we don’t have to make any incisions or openings in their abdomen.” Jenkins will return home in time for Thanksgiving. Dr. Dahiya said she will spend only one night in the hospital and return home the next day.

For more information about the Apollo endosurgery and if it is the right option for you, call the office of Dr. Shyam Dahiya at 562-602-1012.