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How The da Vinci Surgery Works

Da Vinci surgery is a breakthrough in medical surgery technology. Considered as one of the most minimally invasive surgical procedures in our world today, da Vinci surgery is a robot-assisted surgical platform that allows several surgeons to operate at once through only a few small incisions. The advancement of these robots all the surgeons to operate with an greater sense of vision, control, and precision.

This surgical platform can be used under a variety of bariatric surgeries such as gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, da Vinci surgery offers great benefits to it’s patients such as low rate of complications and infection, low chance to convert to open surgery, and a minimal hospital stay.

diagram of the stomachExplained in this diagram is the final product of a gastric bypass procedure performed by a Da Vinci surgical platform. The complications of traditional laparoscopic and open surgery are nearly eliminated through the advanced robotic technology of Da Vinci. The human hand can only perform so far to the point that the technology of Da Vinci is further required. In this gastric bypass surgery, a stomach pouch is made in the upper part of the stomach by stapling off the larger, lower section of the stomach. Then, the remaining small intestine that branches out from the bottom of the stomach is detached and reapplied to the new stomach pouch. Therefore, most of the stomach and remaining small intestine is bypassed. Through the use of the Da Vinci surgical platform, this procedure has shown a tremedous success rate.

The state-of-the-art technology that the Da Vinci platform brings has changed experience of surgery for new patients all around the world. If you believe that you are a candidate for Da Vinci surgery, please fill out the contact form or contact Dr. Dahiya.