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Questions about LAP-BAND® Surgery

Q: How much does LAP-BAND® surgery cost?

Actually, almost every LAP-BAND® surgery we perform is covered by Medicare or by the patient’s health insurance, so the cost you pay for LAP-BAND® surgery depends on your health insurance policy. Some insurance companies do have extra requirements, however, so come to our office in Lakewood, California and we will do whatever we can to help you get insurance coverage for weight loss surgery. If you do not have health insurance or a very high deductible, you can get financing for weight loss surgery through CareCredit.

Q: How long does LAP-BAND® surgery take?

Maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong commitment, but the LAP-BAND® surgery itself usually only takes about an hour. At your LAP-BAND® surgery consultation, our Los Angeles LAP-BAND® surgeon Dr. Shyam Dahiya will explain how LAP-BAND® surgery works and the steps you’ll need to take in the weeks before your LAP-BAND® procedure.

After your LAP-BAND® surgery, you should expect to miss at least a week or two of work as you recover from the operation. Because Dr. Dahiya uses the minimally invasive SPIDER® Surgical System, your recovery after LAP-BAND® surgery may even be faster and less painful than you expect.

Q: How fast will I lose weight after LAP-BAND® surgery?

The speed of your weight loss after LAP-BAND® surgery depends on several characteristics that are unique to your body. In particular, the genetic and physiological influences that contributed to your obesity problem in the first place significantly affect your ability to shed pounds quickly after LAP-BAND® surgery. In general, the better you are at sticking to your post-surgery weight loss program of diet and exercise, the faster you should reach your weight loss goals. Because your LAP-BAND® device is adjustable, Dr. Dahiya can make your LAP-BAND® device more restrictive if you are not losing weight fast enough.

Q: What are the risks of LAP-BAND® surgery?

All major surgery involves some degree of risk, and LAP-BAND® surgery is no exception. However, Dr. Dahiya performs LAP-BAND® surgery using a single incision with the SPIDER® system to significantly reduce these risks. Complications from LAP-BAND® surgery are extremely rare, but can include ulcers, gastritis, infection, bleeding, and problems with the LAP-BAND® device. Gastric banding surgery like the LAP-BAND® and REALIZE® Band do not rearrange your digestive system, which avoids the nutritional difficulties that can sometimes occur with gastric bypass surgery.

If you have more questions about LAP-BAND® surgery, please contact our Los Angeles LAP-BAND® surgeon Dr. Shyam Dahiya to set up a visit to our Lakewood, California office near Riverside and Orange County.