Choosing The Right Bariatric Surgeon

While modern laparoscopic gastric bypass and gastric banding surgery techniques have made weight loss surgery safer, all bariatric procedures are considered major surgery. Therefore, choosing the right bariatric surgeon is a serious medical decision that should not be taken lightly. Bariatric surgery does offer the potential to change your life for the better, but to be successful in making that change, you need to be committed to a healthy lifestyle and to choose the best bariatric surgeon for your needs.

Finding a Qualified Bariatric Surgeon in Los Angeles

One of the most important qualifications to check for in a bariatric surgeon is board certification. When you choose a board-certified bariatric surgeon like Dr. Shyam Dahiya, you can rest assured that your bariatric surgeon has satisfied the rigorous requirements for training and expertise set forth by the American Board of Surgery.

Because bariatric surgery is a major operation, you should also be sure to choose a bariatric surgeon with an excellent track record for safety and results, such as Dr. Dahiya. Actually, most of our bariatric surgery patients come to us because one of our patients told them about the positive results and one-on-one personal care they received from our bariatric surgery team.

Feel free to check out our patients’ bariatric surgery success stories to find out what to expect before and after your bariatric surgery.

Since bariatric surgery procedures are almost always done in a hospital setting, your LA bariatric surgeon should have surgical privileges at the leading hospitals in Los Angeles. Dr. Dahiya not only has hospital privileges at excellent hospitals like Tri-City, Bellflower Medical Center, Lakewood Regional Hospital, and Orange Coast Memorial, but is well-respected by operating room personnel at these hospitals who have seen him in action. In fact, hospital personnel have even referred friends and family members to our board-certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Dahiya.

Post-Operative Care and Personal Attention

In addition to his experience and skill in the operating room, Dr. Dahiya provides thorough follow-up care after your weight loss surgery to help you achieve the best results. We know that making the lifestyle changes necessary to benefit from bariatric surgery is difficult, so we check in with you every month for a whole year after your weight loss surgery. During this time, our nutrition specialist, Dr. Jose Mari-Elacion, stay on the right track with your diet before and after bariatric surgery.

Be wary of choosing any bariatric surgeon that does not provide the same level of one-on-one attention and personal care as Dr. Dahiya. Without proper follow-up care and a team of weight loss professionals to reinforce your diet and exercise plan, it is very easy to slip up and fall into the same unhealthy habits you had before your weight loss surgery. Patients who fail to follow their post-operative diet and exercise plans are likely to gain back the weight they have lost, often requiring revision bariatric surgery.

If you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle and are looking for a qualified bariatric surgeon in the Los Angeles area, please contact us to schedule your first consultation at our weight loss surgery center in Lakewood, California.

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