With everything you hear in the news about the rising price of healthcare, it’s understandable that you might be concerned about the cost of weight loss surgery. You know that surgery is usually expensive, and follow-up care also has its costs. Fortunately, nearly every one of our patients finds that they can get Medicare, Medicaid, or their health insurance company to cover the cost of bariatric surgery. However, if you need help to finance your bariatric surgery, our team of weight loss professionals will help you figure out your options.

Try Insurance First

The vast majority of patients with Medicaid, Medicare, and even private health insurance can get insurance coverage for bariatric surgery. This is because bariatric surgery, in almost all cases, is considered medically necessary. In other words, your insurance company believes that the cost of treating you for future obesity-related medical conditions outweighs the cost as well as the risks and complications of bariatric surgery.

However, some insurance companies require additional paperwork or records from your medical doctor before approving coverage. We will help you navigate your insurance company’s requirements and figure out what you need to do to get insurance coverage for bariatric surgery.

When Insurance Isn’t There or Isn’t Enough

If you are one of the millions of Americans without health insurance and you aren’t enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or TRICARE, you may need some extra help to finance your weight loss surgery. Even if you have insurance, you may be one of very few insured patients whose policy does not cover bariatric surgery, or you may need help to cover the deductible.

Whatever the reason, if you have trouble paying your out-of-pocket cost for bariatric surgery, we can help you sign up for a healthcare financing loan from CareCredit. CareCredit helps people nationwide cover the cost of surgery and other medical care with a variety of financing options. They even offer financing that is interest-free for six, twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four months depending on your credit.

If you are ready to turn your life around and lose that excess weight for good, we’ll do our best to make sure the cost of bariatric surgery doesn’t stand in your way. Whether you need help getting insurance coverage for LAP-BAND® surgery or you need CareCredit financing for laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, we are here for you.

To learn more about the financing the cost of weight loss surgery, schedule an appointment with our board-certified surgeon Dr. Dahiya or stop by our office in Lakewood, CA. We’re conveniently located near Riverside and Orange County.


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