Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

If your best efforts to exercise and eat healthier are not producing the weight loss results you need, don’t give up. You still have options for losing weight and ensuring that you’ll be there for your family in the future. Weight loss surgery is a real, effective option for those who need to lose weight for their health. In fact, there are several types of weight loss surgery procedures that our bariatric surgeon Dr. Shyam Dahiya performs right here in the Riverside and Lakewood area of Los Angeles.

Weight Loss Surgery Options for a Healthier Life

The type of bariatric surgery you choose will depend on your unique set of needs and your medical history. Dr. Dahiya will educate you about the risks and benefits of each weight loss surgery option and will help you decide which weight loss surgery is right for you, such as:

LAP-BAND® Surgery – An adjustable gastric band reduces your stomach capacity so that you feel full faster and eat less.
REALIZE® Band Surgery – An alternative to the LAP-BAND® used around the world for over twenty years.
Gastric Roux-en-Y Surgery – The most commonly performed type of gastric bypass surgery, Roux-en-Y connects the small intestine to a small stomach pouch, which gives a rapid feeling of fullness after eating just a small amount of food.
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery – Gastric bypass surgery performed using very small incisions and a tiny video camera to reduce recovery time.
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy – Uses the laparoscopic (small incision) technique to reduce the size of the stomach by about 85%.

Whichever weight loss surgery procedure you choose, you can trust in Dr. Dahiya’s skill and experience as well as our commitment to thorough follow-up care. After your surgery, we’ll help you adjust to your new lifestyle and stick with your diet and exercise plans. Patients who have regular, one-on-one follow-up care in the year following their surgery are much more likely to succeed in making their weight loss permanent. We give you this personal attention because we want you to have the best chance for bariatric surgery success.

Fixing a Previous Bariatric Surgery

If you have previously had weight loss surgery, but have since gained weight again or have experienced complications, Dr. Dahiya also performs revision bariatric surgery. One of the more common problems that weight loss surgery patients experience is weight regain due to stretching of the stomach pouch.
To fix this problem, Dr. Dahiya uses the minimally invasive ROSE and StomaphyX procedures to reduce the volume of the stomach pouch without incisions. Dr. Dahiya also performs laparoscopic revision gastric bypass surgery to correct complications and improve weight loss results from surgery.

If you are considering weight loss surgery in the please contact us today to  discuss your options. We perform all of our procedures at our bariatric surgery center located in Los Angeles, CA.

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