Quitting Smoking Before Weight Loss Surgery

There is one thing that nearly all physicians and surgeons agree on, including Dr. Dahiya, and that is the link between smoking and postoperative complications. Quitting smoking before surgery can can significantly reduce post-operative complications. A recent study by Dr. Thomas Fiala showed that there was a 41% less chance of complications for smokers that quit before surgery, compared to those who didn’t. Research showed that for every week of cessation from smoking, the chance for no complications after surgery increased by 19%.

The study further showed that smokers who quit before surgery had lower rates of total complications, less wound healing complications, and fewer pulmonary complications which may arise.

It is important to understand how smoking effects the body before and after a surgery. Nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood flow in the body’s tissues which may cause the tissue to turn black and die as a result. It is the recommendation of most surgeons that an individual should stop smoking for a full month before and another month following surgery.

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