Revision Bariatric Surgery

If you have already undergone bariatric weight loss surgery, but have since regained too much of the weight you lost, you may be frustrated and discouraged. Don’t lose hope. You still have a chance to get back to a healthy weight and lifestyle. Our board-certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Shyam Dahiya is fully qualified to perform the laparoscopic revision bariatric surgery that can give you the second chance you need.

Revision Bariatric Surgery – A Second Chance at Success

The most common reason why people need a second bariatric surgery is because they slipped up on their diet and exercise plan. Bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery, creates a small stomach pouch so that you feel full faster. However, if you make a mistake and continue to overeat, that pouch can stretch and allow you to eat more than you should before you feel satisfied. As a result, you gain weight.

If this has happened to you, a second chance at a healthy life is still possible. Dr. Dahiya can shrink your stomach pouch using the minimally invasive ROSE and StomaphyX procedures. These high-tech endoscopic surgical procedures require no incisions and are quite effective at giving you a second chance to finally defeat obesity.

Both the ROSE and StomaphyX procedures use a specialized device designed for patients who have had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, but did not succeed in losing enough weight or have regained too much. First, Dr. Dahiya will check the size of your stomach pouch with a quick endoscopy to see if it has stretched. If revision bariatric surgery is needed, we can schedule your procedure. Because both ROSE and StomaphyX are minimally invasive procedures without incisions, recovery time is minimal and you will probably be able to return to work within a day or so.

Realistic Expectations are Key

If you need revision bariatric surgery, it is absolutely crucial to maintain realistic expectations for your future weight loss goals. If you were not able to stick to your portion control plan the first time, revision bariatric surgery can give you a second chance, but resisting temptation will not get any easier. Our multi-disciplinary team of weight loss professionals will do their best to help you stay on track, but you must make the conscious decision to change your lifestyle in order to be successful.

If you had a previous bariatric surgery, but have since gained too much weight, please contact our Los Angeles bariatric surgeon Dr. Dahiya for a revision bariatric surgery consultation at our office in Lakewood, California near Riverside.