Deciding to have weight loss surgery may be one of the most important health decisions you ever make, so understandably, you want to be sure choose a bariatric surgeon with experience using top-of-the line equipment. Using the latest in laparoscopic surgery technology can make bariatric surgery safer and reduce recovery time so that you can start your new life sooner.

Dr. Shyam Dahiya is one of a select group of surgeons qualified to use the SPIDER® Surgical System, which allows laparoscopic bariatric surgery to be done with a single incision (SILS).

The SPIDER® Surgical System Is an Innovation for Safer Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks and possible complications. Because we care about your health and safety, we now use the SPIDER® Surgical System to help reduce those risks. The SPIDER® system is a flexible platform for laparoscopic surgery that enables Dr. Dahiya to perform several types of bariatric surgery through a single, small incision. While the risk of complications such as infection or hernia is already very low, we have adopted the SPIDER® system as an added protective measure.

Dr. Dahiya is one of relatively few bariatric surgeons fully trained and qualified to use the SPIDER® system. In fact, Dr. Dahiya performed the world’s first and only laparoscopic removal of a large liver cyst using the SPIDER® system.

With this single-incision platform, Dr. Dahiya is already able to safely perform:
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery
LAP-BAND® Weight Loss Surgery
REALIZE® Band Weight Loss Surgery
Soon, the SPIDER® system will also help Dr. Dahiya perform other weight loss surgeries, such as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery.

We Care About Your Safety

Using cutting-edge technology like the SPIDER® Surgical System is just one way we demonstrate our commitment to your safety and satisfaction. From the first time you walk into our office in Lakewood to the last time you walk out, we provide one-on-one attention and personalized care.

Dr. Dahiya will take the time to educate you about each of your bariatric surgery options and which ones may benefit you the most. Our multi-disciplinary team of weight loss professionals will help you plan your diet and exercise program after weight loss surgery and will help you stick to it. For a whole year after your bariatric surgery, we provide regular follow-up care to reinforce your change in lifestyle and give you the best chances for success.

How the SPIDER® Surgical System Works

Our board-certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Shyam Dahiya makes your health and safety his number one priority. Part of our commitment to safety includes using the safest, most advanced technology for laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) with the SPIDER® Surgical System

Dr. Dahiya performs all bariatric surgery procedures using laparoscopic surgical techniques because this minimally invasive technology greatly reduces the risks and complications of weight loss surgery. Now, using the state-of-the-art SPIDER® Surgical System, Dr. Dahiya can perform most weight loss surgery procedures using just a single incision.

How SILS Makes Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Safer

The SPIDER® Surgical System has flexible instrument attachments, which allows Dr. Dahiya to pass all the tools he needs to safely complete your bariatric surgery procedure through a single, small incision near the belly button. This SILS technique makes LAP-BAND® surgery and other laparoscopic weight loss surgeries safer by further reducing the already low risks of infection and hernia. A single incision also means a single scar, whereas surgery with multiple incisions leaves a greater area of scar tissue.

SILS using the SPIDER® system also makes the recovery period after bariatric surgery shorter and less painful, which our patients and their families very much appreciate. With a shorter recovery period, you can begin your post-surgery weight loss program sooner and achieve your weight loss surgery success more quickly.

Common Questions about Laparoscopic SPIDER® Surgery

With state-of-the-art equipment such as the SPIDER® Surgical System, Dr. Dahiya performs several types of weight loss surgery using SILS. These procedures can be confusing and raise many questions.

Does the SPIDER® Surgical System affect recovery time for laparoscopic bariatric surgery?

Yes. One of the many reasons Dr. Dahiya uses SILS for bariatric surgery like LAP-BAND® surgery and REALIZE® Band surgery is that the recovery time for single incision laparoscopic surgery is typically shorter and less painful.

What is the difference between SILS with the SPIDER® system and regular laparoscopic weight loss surgery?

Traditional laparoscopic bariatric surgery, such as laparoscopic gastric bypass, uses multiple small incisions in the abdomen to provide your bariatric surgeon access to the digestive tract. This approach is very safe, but as with all surgical procedures, more incisions slightly increase the risk of infection and other extremely rare complications.

Because your safety is our number one priority, we use the state-of-the-art SPIDER® Surgical System, allowing Dr. Dahiya to perform gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy weight loss surgery with a single incision (SILS). SILS is how the SPIDER® system works to further reduce the already low risk of infection and help make your recovery time faster and less painful.

Is the SPIDER® Surgical System just for bariatric weight loss surgery?

While Dr. Dahiya specializes in bariatric surgery, he is fully qualified to perform other SILS procedures using the SPIDER® Surgical System. In fact, Dr. Dahiya was the first surgeon in the world to successfully remove a large hepatic (liver) cyst using the SPIDER® system. SPIDER® can also be used for gall bladder surgery (cholecystectomy), kidney surgery (nephrectomy), and colon surgery (colectomy).

If you are ready for a real change in your life, please contact our board-certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Dahiya and schedule a consultation. We perform all of our procedures from our surgery center near Los Angeles, CA.


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