STARR Treatment

STARR Treatment, one of the newest procedures in bariatric surgery, is a technique that provides enhancement to both the gastric sleeve and gastric band procedures. This surgery is performed through a small incision made on the belly button instead of several small incisions made throughout most of the abdomen. Because of this, the procedure is minimally invasive with the lowest amount of pain and the highest rate of recovery and results. The procedure is best suited to your needs in order to provide you with the best health possible.

What is STARR Treatment?

STARR (Surgical Tiny Access Rapid Recovery) is now being offered by Dr. Dahiya. Those who have experienced the STARR Treatment have reported a fast recovery, minimal scarring, and outstanding results. The advantages of this treatment have placed it above other minimally invasive surgeries. All operations and extractions are made through the same incision made within the belly button.

STARR treatment diagramHere provided in this diagram is the difference in the amount of incisions made with STARR Treatment versus traditional minimally invasive surgeries. The treatment is enabled through an advanced surgical system specifically designed for a minimally invasive procedure. Your surgeon that is performing the procedure is able to control the equipment and tools with ease, control, and precision.

If you feel that you are a candidate for the STARR Treatment for your bariatric surgery, please fill out the consultation form or contact Dr. Dahiya, an expert bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles.